FAMO graduate Kačka Morozová is part of the crew of the six-part "Whisper Naked Shadow" series on OBBOD. A month after its release, the series won the Best Web Series in the April edition of the Los Angeles Film Awards. A few days later, the creators enjoyed official inclusion in the Sicily Web Festival, where the short web series will be presented to the audience and jury in August.

Radim Grzybek's short documentary 'I am work' delves into the (in)balance we maintain between our working and personal lives. The film (directed by Radim Grzybek, cinematography - Daniel Tučník, editing - František Kotačka, sound - Jan Lakota, production - Romana Pekárková) was awarded the Honorary Jury Award at Náchod's Prime Season 2019. Congratulations!

A big congratulations (to add to his list of recent successes) to FAMO student Karel Sindelar for his victory at iShorts 'Student Shorts 2019' for his film WHY SO SIRIUS!

An early May excursion for students of FAMO in Pisek to Prague's Barrandov film studios and adjoining TV NOVA station. 




More success for FAMO graduates with their film Domestik (directed by Adam Sedlák) - at the Finále Plzeň festival they won the main prize - The Golden Kingfisher. Congratulations!

Pisek's acclaimed cultural space 'Sladovna' - a preserved 19th century malthouse - is exhibiting FAMO students' animation work from the 8th of April until the 29th. Don't miss the opportunity to see this amazing space and support our students.

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