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YOUTH MOVING learning teaching training activity

The Youth Moving Project’s Learning Teaching Training activities held at FAMO in Pisek have come and gone.
A week full of workshops by youth workers and youth from Croatia, Czech, Italy, Portugal and Romania aimed at increasing participation in democratic processes by youth who have grown up detached from their biological parents.

Youth Moving is a co-funded by the European Union’s 🇪🇺 Erasmus+ program, with international partners (including us) from Croatia’s Centar Sirius and Forum za kvalitetno udomiteljstvo djece, Italy’s Co&So social cooperative, Romania’s DGASPC HR and Portugal’s APDES.

FAMO’s primary participation in this project was the making of the short documentary film ‘The Nest’ which follows the emotional and inspirational experiences of 4 young women who live in / have left alternative child care (including children’s homes, foster care and adoption).

Over these couple of days we finalized plans for our Learning Teaching Training activities for the project which will take place at FAMO in Pisek at the end of March 2023. During this jam packed week of activities social workers and disadvantaged youth will present and take part in workshops aimed to enhance the capacity of such youth to participate in democratic processes. FAMO will be teaching them how to maximize the use of simple and accessible video making tools so that they can better voice their opinions on social media.

The international team with whom we’re working on this project includes:
Centar Sirius – Croatia
APDES – Portugal
DGASPC Harghita – Romania
Co&So – Italy
Forum za kvalitetno udomiteljstvo djece – Croatia

Documentary filmmaker Tin Dirdamal visits us in Pisek for an intimate masterclass on ‘The Future Document of Fiction and Non-fiction’.

Tin’s a self-described engineer turned ‘accidental film-maker and editor’, whose first feature film piece won the Audience Award at the Sundance Film Festival. Tin was born in Mexico and he and his family move location every 2-3 years to a new place where they know no-one and don’t understand the language.

Here are some photos of Tin discussing how he used the dimensions in his house plan as the mathematical measure used in his editing process, so the viewer could, essentially, re-draw his plans if they understood the system and conversion of measurements – one of the secret keys he likes to hide in his work.

“The Future Document of Fiction and Nonfiction’ is a filmmaking workshop that seeks to find new narratives far from the film world. Where film and non film come together. Far away from formulas, scripts, conventions and film crews.”
Find out more about Tin on:

FAMO graduate and sound engineer Viktor Prášil is fighting for an Oscar title for his work on the the 2022 film All Quiet on the Western Front – based on the 1929 book of the same name.

Good luck Viktor!

On Friday the 9th of December, we celebrated the success of our Bachelor and Master of Arts graduates in Pisek’s Holy Trinity Church, before moving back upstream along the river to watch a selection of their wonderful film work in Pisek’s Portyc Cinema. What a day – full of wide smiles, some tears, and a whole lot of happiness!

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (AMPAS) is the group behind the Oscars.

Special thanks to FAMO friend and teachers, producers Jiri Vlach and Petr Horak for organising the event.

Our partnership with NOVA (Northern Virginia Community College) revolves around 2 opportunities for their students.

The first of those is a study abroad program which takes place annually in the summer with us in Pisek, the Czech Republic. NOVA students are involved in the production of cooperative US/Czech student film projects which are prepared before they leave the States, so that once they arrive to the Czech Republic shooting and post-production can take place in earnest. While here NOVA students also participate in a multitude of masterclasses with FAMO faculty members (for example a masterclass with the head of Czech’s Cinematography Association shooting on 35mm film stock).

The second, is the possibility for NOVA cinema students to transfer into the 2nd year, of our 3 year long Bachelor of Arts Multimedia Production degree, the benefits of which are many, including the fact that our school is film specific (no maths, no science, only FILM and media studies), and taught 100% in English. Our staff are working industry professionals, not full-time, out-of-the-know teaching staff who made films 100 years ago. Are class sizes are small (10 max), and our teachers are more mentors and experienced friends than an unapproachable authority figure. In the 2 years a NOVA student would study with us to complete their BA (as they are fast-tracked into the 2nd year of a 3 year program), it would cost them just over $20,000 USD, with housing and other living costs also a fraction of what they would expect in the USA.