Home Sweet Home

FAMO pedagogue Viliam Vala was one of the 5 stop motion animators working on set. Our international students were lucky to have the opportunity to stop in and see production in action.

Pola’s film was the only Czech film selected to represent the Czech Republic at the prestigious Cannes film festival, continuing on Animafest in Croatia’s Zagreb, and then France’s Annecy ❤️.
An interest twist in the human relationship to flowers 🌷 and their archnemesis – weeds – this one will surely bring a tear to your eyes.

This project aims to pass on to young people interested in filmmaking visual storytelling and digital creation skills to enable their better participation civically and democratically. Participants will take part in online masterclasses, physical workshops and practical training activities with industry professionals, and even travel abroad as part of their creation of their own short films.

Partners cooperating on this project are:
🔸Les Films de l’Europe (France)
🔘Asociacija IVAIGO (Lithuania)
🔹The Film Academy of Miroslav Ondricek in Pisek (Czechia)

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This project is co-financed by the European Union’s Erasmus+ program 🇪🇺.

The Czech Lion Awards are annual awards that recognize accomplishments in filmmaking and television and are the highest award of achievement in film awarded in the Czech Republic 🇨🇿 🎥.

MgA. Patrik Ulrich (born 1988) first studied screenwriting and dramaturgy with writer Lenka Procházková at FAMO in Písek, where he found a passion for writing. In his follow-up master’s studies, he devoted himself exclusively to film directing, which he completed in the studio of Prof. Juraj Jakubiska. He is the author of several short feature films and documentaries, for
which he also composed musical illustrations.

He currently works as a director for Czech Television, where he focuses mainly on documentary and music projects. As he has been devoted to music, composition, and playing the piano since childhood, he is often approached as a director of broadcasts of symphony concerts and other stage productions. With his Studio Inspirativ team, or in the production of Czech Television, he filmed a whole series of concert recordings, streams, and music programs. He cooperates with the Czech Philharmonic, the ČNSO, and various regional orchestras (Pardubice Chamber Philharmonic, Karlovy Vary Symphony Orchestra).

Even though he lives in Prague, he often returns to his native Pardubice, where he has already shot several prized documentary films. In his spare time, he plays the piano and composes chanson songs and film music. During his studies, he pointed out the theme of the dysfunctionality of the family, which he worked on in two successful films (Moji draží, Soukromé lekce), which were awarded at several domestic and foreign festivals. He also worked on the theme of the dysfunctionality of the family in his yet-to-be-realized feature-length screenplay “Family Silver”. He made an academic portrait of his mentor Juraj Jakubiska, “Three Graces”, and is also the author of the script for the short animated fairy tale “O Zlatém dešti”, voiced by actor Pavel Liška. He created more than two dozen documentary films and portraits on Czech television as a screenwriter and director.

His complete filmography can be found at: https://www.csfd.cz/tvurce/66078-patrik-ulrich

Jakub Hejna is a film editor and director. He studied at the Písek film school and then at FAMU in Prague, majoring in film editing. He is the founder of the Young Film post-production studio.

As an editor, he participated in several successful documentaries and feature films, such as Women for Currency (dir. Erika Hníková, 2004); The Search for Ester (dir. Věra Chytilová, 2005); René (dir. Helena Třeštíková, 2008); Katka (dir. Helena Třeštíková, 2009); Fair Play (dir. Andrea Sedláčková, 2014); The Pit (dir. Jiří Stejskal, 2014); Red (dir. Olga Sommerová, 2017); Dukla61 (dir. David Ondříček, 2018), etc.

His feature-length documentary debut Divadlo Svoboda (dir. Jakub Hejna, 2011) was nominated in the Best Documentary category (Czech Lion 2011 and Czech Film Critics Award 2011). Together with Helena Třeštíková, he directed the film Destruction by Beauty (2016), about the life of actress Lída Baarová, and the documentary film Forman vs Forman (2019), charting the life of director Miloš Forman, which had its world premiere at the Festival de Cannes 2019.

Ludvik Bohadlo is CEO, production sound mixer, and postproduction coordinator of leading sound production company SLEEPWALKER, s.r.o. based in Prague, Czech Republic.

He comes from a family with a deep performing arts tradition. Both parents were acrobats andhis sister is a flute player in the National Theater and State Opera of Prague. Working in the music and film industry for two decades, Ludvík Bohadlo experienced every single stage of music and sound production. From classics to heavy metal, from documentaries to international feature films. Thanks to his excellent professional as well as physical skills he’s been working on challenging projects in extreme climate conditions of remote areas all over the world including high altitudes above 6,000 m. His unique communication and organizational skills helped him to lead sound production teams of international feature films and quality TV production. His deep interest in music, humanities, and historical theology gives him a broader perspective on the art of motion pictures.

“I think I applied myself very successfully in the field of film sound since my graduation from FAMO in Písek. I worked my way up from a sound assistant to a sound master, founded the SLEEPWALKER sound studio, which provides sound services for domestic and foreign productions and is an important co-producer of European films. In 2020, my colleague Robert Slezák and I won the Latvian national award for the best film sound for the film “The Sign Painter / Pilsāta pi upis. The demanding work in the film industry still fulfills me, even though lately I’ve been working more on studio production than sound work itself. I enjoy being with film projects from the very beginning of the scripts and from the position of co-producer helping to bring new film stories to the world.

FAMO was important to me because it transformed a film fan into a creator. I have always enjoyed “consuming” stories, whether in literary or film form. Then suddenly I was able to stand on the other side of the camera and create the cinematic stories myself. Film and TV shoots have taken me to all the continents of the world and brought me many lifelong friends. Belonging to an imaginary filmmaking family that breaks down cultural and language barriers is an important life anchor for me.

IMDb: www.imdb.com/name/nm2499444/?ref_=nv_sr_1