About Písek

Písek was officially established as a royal city in the beginning of 13th century. It has the oldest bridge (Písek's Stone Bridge) in the Czech Republic and the second oldest in the whole central European region. The town is often called "the Pearl on the Otava river". It has just over 30,000 inhabitants and is connected with a long list of famous Czech poets, composers and painters. No wonder - the backdrop of the town's historical centre, the river and the surrounding nature are highly inspiring, mysterious and visually attractive. South Bohemia is a very popular filming location and Písek itself appears in many of Czech's classical movies. The town provides an excellent environment for students who would like to focus on their filmmaking studies in a 'real' Czech environment, without the hustle and bustle of a larger city. That said, there are theaters, cinemas, pubs and music clubs, the municipal library, the regional museum and the multifunctional exhibition space of the Old Malt House, which provides an amazing place for exhibitions and interactive performances. Pisek is surrounded by beautiful countryside dotted with historic castles and ponds with the country's famed Šumava National Park and mountain range a stone throw away. 

Písek and The Czech Republic offers far more than just stunning locations - don't forget its highly experienced film professionals and top service standards. Filmmakers keep returning because of the high relative production value to elsewhere in the European Union. Post-production service rates are also very competitive. Therefore, Czech is host to a large number of foreign film crews.

Písek can be easily reached from Prague (the capital city), and takes approx. 1.5 hours. The town is also close to the German and Austrian borders, making it an ideal base for cross border filming and a great base for European travel.

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FAMO does not have its own dormitory. However it is not difficult to find private accommodation in Písek and we are ready to help you organise it! Prices vary depending on availablilty and standard of quality.

Links for accommodation in private dormitories and hotels:

Hotel Pod Skalou: http://www.hotelpodskalou.cz (hotel and student dorm)
Hotel Buly: http://www.hotelbuly.cz
Hotel Biograf: http://en.hotelbiograf.com/
Hotel Art: http://hotelartpisek.cz/uvod/uvod-en/

Private flats:

Please contact us on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. in order to receive relevant information on private accommodation possibilities.

Food & drinks


There are many tasty and cheap restaurants in Písek serving typical Czech cuisine, as well as Italian, Indian, Greek or Vegetarian / Vegan restaurants. Meals usually cost about 150 CZK.


Cafés and pubs

There are many cafés and pubs in Písek, where you can enjoy a cup of tea, coffee, or drink some famed Czech beer and cocktails. We recommend our students to visit the coffee roastery which has an intimate environment convenient for art performance (music, theatre, readings), lectures or exhibitions: http://www.vykulenasova.cz . Another or Pisek's gems, found right on the river bank, is Balzam Cafe, where live music by the waterside just upstream from the Stone Bridge guarantees some romance.


If you prefer to cook at home, there are many local supermarkets and stores. On food you can expect to spend a maximum of 3, 500 CZK per month (app. 130 euro).

How to get to Písek

If you are travelling by car, your final destination can be found here on the map:



Student Agency

Písek can be easily reachabed from Prague (the capital city of the Czech Republic). It takes just over 1 hour to get to Písek by car or bus . The fastest and cheapest way is to take a Student Agency bus. A one-way ticket costs around 130 - 150 CZK (app. 5 - 6 EUR) and you can make an on-line seat booking here: https://www.studentagency.eu/en 

Flix Bus is an alternate company which travels between Prague and Pisek.

Buses and Trains

There are also other bus traffic companies, which can bring you to Písek for around the same price. They run frequently; the journey takes app. 2 hours.

It is also possible to take a train from the Prague's Central Railway Station. There is good and frequent train connection between Prague and Písek. It takes a little longer than bus (app. 2 hours) and is a little more expensive (app. 160 CZK).

Time schedules and information about prices can be found on their website: https://idos.idnes.cz/en/vlakyautobusy/spojeni/ (in English).

For assistance with your travel connections we recommend the use of  https://www.omio.com/Safe Travels!

Local transport in Písek

In Pisek you can get around without any difficulty on foot or by public transportation. Local buses offer a monthly ticket, which costs 300 CZK (10 euros), or single use tickets for 15 crowns. But, Pisek is small enough to comfortably travel around town on foot. In case of need you can also take a local taxi .

We suggest:
+420 774 199 300

Places to visit in and around Pisek

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