FAMO Cinematography major, Martin Kriz, on his studies mobility to London South Bank University as part of the Erasmus+ program. All FAMO and SVOSF students have the opportunity to study and work abroad (and received funding at the same time!) as part of this program. 


"It has been enriching to see how different it is studying at a different university, which has over 15 000 students in comparison with our Film academy.
The whole Erasmus experience gave me an insight into many different nationalities, (what is for me as a filmmaker extremely convenient). I improved my English, I learned some new filmmaking skills and on top of it, I made a lot of friendships with people from many different places and nationalities.
At the end, I am honestly grateful for this experience with my Erasmus program and I am going to use my new knowledge in my future work back here at FAMO."