Everybody loves an excursion - Enter the magical world of Czech director, screenwriter and fine artist Karel Zeman... thanks to the Karel Zeman Museum and their fantastical and interactive exhibitions!

Zeman was a true successor to Georges Méliès and known as the Wizard of the big screen because of his breakthrough use of live action, animation and puppetry in the 1950's and continued development of special effects. Zeman's work went on to inspire the likes of filmmakers such as Spielberg, and during his time was admired by personalities such as Pablo Picasso, Charlie Chaplin and Salvádor Dalí.

We were lucky enough to be accompanied on todays excursion by FAMO's establishing director Miloň Terč who worked down the hallway from Zeman at the Zlin film studios for over 30 years, and knew him personally.