FAMO in Pisek's graduate Adam Sedlák and his film 'Domesktik' fought their way into Karlovy Vary's film festival main section.

In 2015 he received first place from the Film Foundation for the best unrealized scenario (for the same film). For the mini-series Semester, Adam was also nominated for the Czech Film Critics Award in the categories of discovery of the year and performances outside of cinema.
Other FAMO graduates who participated in the film Domestik include:
Producer: Jakub Jira, Sound engineers: Jan Šulcek andJakub Jurásek.

We're keeping our fingers crossed for Vary. Best of luck Adam and co!

https://www.irozhlas.cz/.…/kviff-mff-kv-53-mezinarodni-filmo ..

photo from Borovan.cz

On the 28. 5. 2018 presentations of the respective projects by the students of Pisek's film school took place in Zlín. Based on their presentations, Filmtalent Zlín decided to grant financial support to 3 of their films.

 We thank the foundation for their support!

To the stars
directed by Tomáš Stehlík
amount of financial support: CZK 100,000

directed by Ruy Okamura
amount of financial support: CZK 90,000

Mr. Balloo
directed by Jan Daniel
amount of financial support: CZK 70,000


Director Josef Lustig, son of world-renowned writer Arnošt Lustig and educator at the NOVA Community College arrived with his colleagues and their group of 23 students for a month long internship at our school.

 During this time, the students will attend lectures and workshops, experiment with film stock, and make four films to take home whose scripts were written in the US before beginning consultation with our production students and their own assisting teams. Filming will take place not only in Pisek's quaint streets and alleys, but also in the town's picturesque surroundings. Residents of Písek will have a unique opportunity to meet with the future American filmmaking generation.

From the reactions so far, students and teachers alike are enthusiastic (and who wouldn't be, especially with Czech beer on offer after a hard day at work!)


FAMO's Master degree graduate Matej Šmelko was awarded the Pavel Koutecký award for 2018 at the Elbe Dock film festival for his short graduation documentary 'Úhorná', which follows life in the small village of Úhorná in Eastern Slovakia. 

A crew composed of FAMO students (B. Kočičková, R. Grzybek, V. Lukomskaya, D. Tučník) was selected in the 20th Nespresso talent competition 2018 to be among the top ten films. The winning film will be announced in Karlovy Vary. Fingers crossed!

The 48th film project submitted to Cannes 16 teams as part of the Short Film Corner. Director and FAMO graduate Jan Chramosta's graduation film Bio Buddy was selected as the best short film for the Cannes Film Festival from a total of 2000 films (and over 5000 submissions)!

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