Time to Die

FAMO film 🎥 “Time to die” 🕵️ by director Adam Kůs received an honorable mention at Czech Vision Prague 2024 (České vize) in the student film category!

CODA continues

Graduate Ivan Crnac received 1st prize from the Government Committee for Persons with Disabilities for his graduate film, the documentary I Am CODA (2023), in the category of Television Awards for Journalistic Work focused on the topic of disability.

Light at the End of the Tunnel… CAVE

At the 48 Hour Film Project Prague competition a team of FAMO students won the Student’s Cup category with their film. ‘Light at the End of the Cave’.


At television station PRIMA’s event, PRIMA TALENT, film Kytka (Flower) directed by Klára Jurečková was awarded the CZK 60,000 by the expert jury. The audience awarded went to the documentary Zeme kopriv (World of Nettle) by director František Peciná (CZK 10,000).


An honourable mention was awarded to FAMO graduate Ivan Crnac at the 55th Ota Hofman Children’s Film and Television Festival in Ostrov 2023 for his documentary work relating to the deaf community, namely Between Two Worlds (2021) and I am CODA (2023).

At the Student World Impact Film Festival 2023, Radim Grzybka’s student film, MR TRAINER, won the Semi-Finalist Award in the Best Short Film category. Congratulations!

Czech Visionaries 2023

A handful of successes at the 2023 Czech Vision film production show! Our students won a total of five awards in the Film Students category. A big congratulations to:

1st prize: Romeo and Juliet (Jan Daniel)
2nd prize: Lonely (David Lekeš)
3rd prize: Accident (Stefan Lambert)
Honorable mention with progression: 2027 (Daniel Geisseder)
Honorable mention without progression: LesT on behalf of Branišov (Jakub Šindler)

Brno’s Best Super Short

Pavel Bartovský’s graduate film “Eco-terrorists: Kidnapping” won the Grand Prix award: Best Super Short Film at the Brno Film Festival. Congratulations!

Maturity Test in France

The 2nd year Real-Exercise Maturity Test by director Matěj Fratišek Preisler won the award for best comedy at the RED Movie Awards festival in Reims (France). Congratulations!

An Accolade for Mr Preisler.

Matěj F. Preisler received an Award of Excellence: Film Short (Student) at the Accolade Global Film Competition in the US with his film Maturity Test. Congratulations!

TV NOVA’s Night of Film Hopes 2022

The graduate documentary Awakening directed by Filip Zangi won in the Documentary category at the Night of Film Hopes organized by TV NOVA.

Honourable Mention

Aizhan Kyndybaeava received an honorable mention at the Student World Impact Film Festival for her graduation film Woe to the Losers.

Hattrick at Cinema Open 2022

At Hradec Kralove’s 13th annual Cinema Open festival FAMO students scored a hattrick. In the Student film category Ondřej Veverka and his film “Teuner” took 1st place, and Radim Grzybek and “Mr. Coach” took 3rd place. Filip Zangi and his film “Dárek” (“The Gift”) took 2nd place in the Documentary category.

ARAS Evening

The winner of this year’s ARAS Award for a significant debut over 30 minutes went to FAMO student Jan Daniel with his film “In a Few Hours Tomorrow”.

Book The Film 2022

At Book the Film Festival 2022 the following films won in the STUDENT FILMS category:
1st place: Adam Kůs – Happy Tom
3rd place: Ondřej Veverka – Teuner

Mr Trainer needs no training

The film Mr. Trainer, directed by FAMO graduate Radim Grzybka, won the following:

Award for the best sound (Jan Lakota) at the Třebon Film Festival

Honorable mention for a professional and advanced work at the Ota Hofman Festival in Ostrov

Prize in the Methodology and Education category at the Sports Festival in Liberec

Two in Třeboň

The Třeboň Film Festival awarded Radim Grzybek’s film “Cain and Abel” with two awards: Best Cinematography (Daniel Tučník) and Best Editing (František Kotačka).

Honorable mention for FAMO in Písek

At the Náchodská Prima Sezona 2022 festival, the following films received honorable mention in the student film competition:
Tereza Vokatá – I Will Live Out Of Your Beauty
Jan Daniel – In a Few Hours Tomorrow

Czech vision 2022 regional competition

In the regional non-professional filmmaking competition Czech Vision 2022 in Zruč nad Sázavou, the following films won in the category “films by film school students”:

Barbora Kočičková – Happy New Life (2nd place)
Antonín Uličný – Up On The Mountain Alone (2nd place)
Jakub Jan Jelínek – I Only Judge (3rd place)
Daniel Titl – Blood and Tears (3rd place)
Štěpánka Moudrá – C5 (3rd place)
Filip Zangi – Sediments of Civilization (Honorable Mention)
Petra Stráníková – Water Into The Landscape (Honorable Mention)

Congratulations to the winners in the student section of the Czech Vision film screenings in Kroměříž:

Ondřej Veverka – Teuner (2nd place)

Andrea Kmecová – To Die For (3rd place)

Gabriel Malík – Upgrade (honorable mention)

The film Teuner by director Ondřej Veverka is raking in awards, both locally and internationally:

– 8 & Halfilm Awards (Best European Cinema)

– Hollywood Gold Awards (Silver Student Award)

– Florence Film Awards (Best Student Film)

– Prague International Independent Film Festival (honorable mention – best producer)

– 48. Mladá Kamera (Feature film under 30 – Best Film)

Congratulations Ondřej, we’ve got our fingers crossed that Teuner’s winning streak continues!

Little Eagle, big award!

Congratulations to Adam Kůs’ team which won the award for the best student film for their film ‘Little Eagle’ at the Future Gate Festival.

Czech Television provides sponsers FAMO student 

Igor Savićević received financial support of CZK 100,000 in the Czech Television Accelerator project for his graduate film “Behind the Cross”.

Wood for Next Winter

Wood for Next Winter has it’s sights set high! Master’s degree graduate and director Karel Šindelář made it to the last five short films battling it out in the Magnesia Awards for best student film. The best of the five young filmmakers will be announced on March 5 at the Czech Lions Gala Evening. Good luck Karel!

Four FAMO nominations for the prestigious Magnesia Awards 2022

Keep your fingers crossed for the four selected films by FAMO students nominated for the Magnesia Award for Best Student Film:

Wood for Next Winter, dir. Karel Šindelář
Mr. Trainer, dir. Radim Grzybek
Happy Tom, dir. Adam Kůs
In a Few Hours Tomorrow, dir. Jan Daniel

Between Two Worlds

The Government Committee for People with Disabilities announced this year’s awards for journalistic work on the topic of disability.

In the television category, FAMO student Ivan Crnac, won 2nd prize for his film “Between Two Worlds”. CONGRATULATIONS!

 EcoFEST ? was an event was sponsored by ČEZ and organised by Pisek’s film schools, and was concerned with student film work with an ecological theme.

Pisek’s EcoFest and FAMO’s victories 

In first place, FAMO’s Petra Stráníková walked away with 20,000 CZK for her wonderful film “Water in the Landscape”, which follows the the destruction and recent rehabilitation of the Sumava National Park’s bogs and wetlands which hold water in the landscape and cools the region.

FAMO’s Jana Kůsová, took out 3rd place with her animated film, Disaster in Šumava.


A total of 159 projects were submitted to this year’s event – 143 films and 16 screenplays. 44 interest groups and schools took part.

FAMO’s Šimon Daniel Buček was awarded best documentary for his film Krkonoše – 19 which maps the effects of the pandemic in the Krkonoše Mountains.

The first ever winner of the new Screenplay category was screenwriter Petr Pelech for his screenplay Mr. Coach (realized by director and FAMO student Radim Grzybek).

All winners were awarded 50,000 CZK. CONGRATULATIONS!

Cain and Abel get around!

Radim Grzybek’s ‘Cain and Abel’ has received the Special Jury Prize at the Vysokovský kohout festival in Nachod (Czech Republic).

We love being the bearers of good news! 

Our students won 2 awards at the Cinema Open 2021 festival in Hradec Králové (Czech Republic):

“Cain and Abel” (director: Radim Grzybek) won the jury prize for best feature film.

“Calvary” (director: Ondřej Veverka) won the jury award for the second best feature film.

I Will Live Out Of Your Beauty is raking in the awards!

Congratulations to Tereza Vokata for her two recent successes at the BLACK TOWER Film Festival in Ceske Budejovice. Her graduate film I Will Live Out Of Your Beauty was the winner of the Documentary Film section of the festival and also won the festival’s Audience Award!

Bohemia Troppau Award

More awards! Tereza Vokata’s graduate film “I will live out of your beauty” (SVOŠF) won the Bohemia Troppau Award at the IX. annual International Film Festival T-film, 2021.


Kain (with a K) and Abel’s story has been retold by Radim Grzybek

FAMO student Radim Grzybek’s name is never far from the limelight – and for good reason! His 3rd year graduation film ‘Kain & Abel’ won the audience award at Prague’s ‘Book the Film’ festival.

Tánia Nováková’s graduation documentary ‘The Bengal Animal’ has been tearing it’s way onto the festival scene with the following awards:

– The award for the best student work at the 53rd Ota Hofman Children’s Film and Television Festival in Ostrov, the Czech Republic.

– The 1st prize at the festival ‘Rychnovská Osmička 2021’ in film students category.


Call in the Calvary

Congratulations to Ondřej Veverek and his crew for their 2nd year Real Exercise Film: “Calvary” (Boží Muka) which won the Best Student Film at the Fiskulet Festival in Czech and also won Best Film in the category ‘Best Feature Film under 30’ at the 47th Young Camera Festival in CZ.

And all the student awards at Zruč nad Sázavou go to…

At the 2021 České vize, nationwide screening of films, FAMO and SVOSF in Pisek took the cake and ate it too! In the student section of the Zruč nad Sázavou section (for South Bohemia) students from our 2 schools took all the prizes:

1st place / I Will Live Out Of Your Beauty! / Tereza Vokatá

2nd place / Escape / Lev Ushtei

2nd place / Laugh Club / Jindřich Vosecký

3rd place / Treasure / Aizhan Kyndybayeva

Honorable Mention / A Matter of Wife and Death / Andrea Kmecová

Honorable Mention / Lost in Transportation / Barbora Kočičková

Award for Best Cinematography / Laugh Club / Jindřich Vosecký

At the screening in Prague, our students picked up:

1st place / Tension / Michal Starý

Honourable Mention / Kain & Abel / Radim Grzybek


We’re deadly serious about Laugh Club

Jindřich Vosecký’s BA graduation film, The Laugh Club, has been busy winning awards all over the globe. Congratulations Jindřich on the following success’:

Changing Face International Film Festival (Australia:

Monthly winner of Best Horror Short (June 2020)

Cinematography Award in Los Angeles (USA):

Best Original Music Score (July 2020)

Best Lighting (July 2020)

Golden Nugget Film Festival (London):

Best Drama Short (October 2020)

Best Original Score (October 2020)

Pavel Bartovsky and his outstanding actress

Pavel Bartovsky’s second year exercise ‘The Hunt’ has picked up the award for Best Actress (Martina Babišová) at the Eastern Europe Film Festival in Romania. Another congratulations to you and your team Pavel!

Pavel Bartovsky’s ‘The Hunt’ has had a busy November

FAMO student Pavel Bartovsky’s continues his stream of success on the horror film scene, this time at Istanbul’s Best Film Festival with his 2nd year Real Exercise, ‘The Hunt’. Congratulations to Pavel and his crew for their Best Horror Film award.

The film also represented FAMO at the Venice Shorts film Festival in California, USA, where it was a finalist.

Ophelia takes the cake at Prague’s 48 hour film project

The Ophelia team from FAMO in Písek placed 2nd overall in the 48h film project competition with the film “Noise” and won the student cup.

– “RUNNER-UP – 2nd place”

– “STUDENTS ‘CUP – Student Cup” – Winner


– “BEST ACTOR – Best Actor” – Jan Meduna – role of “Pavel Bambus”


– Magdalena Zlatušková – For the overall artistic impression of the film

The Hunter’s Night is runner up in HK

The real exercise (2nd year practical exercise) ” The Hunter’s Night” by director Radim Grzybek won 2nd place for the best student film at the CINEMA OPEN 2020 Film Festival of Independent Films in Hradec Králové, which took place online this year. Congratulations!

New York has a new Visitor

Pavel Barovsky’s 2nd year short film project, Visitor, has picked up more awards in North America, with actress Martina Babišová receiving the Silver Award for Best Actress in a Horror Film at the Best Actor Award in New York Film Festival.

Visitor travels to North America.

Student film ‘The Visitor’ directed by Pavel Bartovský won the following awards:

– the award for best actress for Martina Babišová and the award for the best horror film at the Toronto Film Channel Festival,

– the best sound design and the best student film at the FROSBITE Indie Internacional Fest held in Colorado, USA .

Keep up the good work Pavel!

Laugh Club is making its mark

Jindřich Vosecký’s graduation film ‘Laugh Club’ was awarded the following: 

Tagore International Film Festival (India) – Best Student Film

International Monthly Film Festival in Košice (Slovakia) – Honorable Mention in the Best Czech-Slovak Short Film category

Lisbon Monthly Film Festival – Honorable Mentions in the “Best Drama” and “Best Camera” categories

Great Work Jindřich!

Hattrick for Ondrej Burda’s ‘The Call’

A big congratulations to FAMO graduate film Ondřej Burda, for the success of his film ‘The Call’ at the following three festivals:

– Best student film at the British Monthly Film Festival
– Best student film at the monthly film festival in Prague
– The Award of Best Achievement at the Tagore Festival, India.

Southeast Regional Film Festival

Congratulations to FAMO graduate Michal Stary, for the success of his graduation film, Tension, at the Southeast Regional Film Festival (USA). His film won the TV/Short award in the Foreign Drama section.

Kosice’s International Monthly Film Festival – April

A big congatulations to FAMO graduate Michal Stary for winning the Best Czech – Slovak Short Film in the April section of the Kosice International Monthly Film Festival for his nail biting graduation film ‘Tension’.

FAMO student Vojtech Papp also received an honourable mention for his short animated film “A story of how the world came into being and then came to an end”. Good work!

The Orange, hat trick!

Jan Daniel’s short film The Orange continues its winning streak with the award ‘The Best Czech-Slovak Short Film’ at the Košice International Monthly Film Festival (for the month of February),

The Orange, a January favourite

FAMO student Jan Daniel’s 2nd year short film exercise ‘The Orange’ is taking leaps and bounds forward on the international film festival scene. His film won ‘The Best Student Film’ at the UK Monthly Film Festival (for January), and at the ARFF Amsterdam received the ‘ARFF Staff Pick’ award (also for the month of January). 

Honorable mentions at Vysokovsky Kohout

At the festival Vysokovsky Kohout, Radim Grzybek’s ‘I am Work’ as well as Barbora Kocickova’s ‘Perak: hero of the Prachatice region?’ were awarded an honourable mention by the jury.

A blast from the past

FAMO graduate Lenka Ivancikova was awarded Best Animated Student Production at the 51st Children’s film and TV Festival Otto Hoffman, for her film, First Snow (produced in 2015, as a joint Czech Television, FAMO and Dita Knotova production). Congratulations.

I Am Work…

It’s no suprise for me either that Radim Grzybek’s film ‘I am Work’ has been awarded Honary Recognition of the Jury in the documentary category at the Tatranský kamzík festival in Liptovský hrad, Slovakia. Congratulations (again!) Radim. 

Radim Grzbek dominates the festival scene

3rd year FAMO student Radim Grzbek’s films have been at so many festivals, and won so many awards that we can’t keep track of them! This time at the 51st Childrens’ Film and Television Festival – Ota Hofman. Radim’s short documentary ‘I am Work’ won 1st prize for Best Student Film and his first-year silent etude, ‘Swallow’ was also screened at the event.

Deja vu? 3rd year FAMO student Radim Grzbek’s films just keep on taking out awards.

At the festival Rychnovská osmička in Rychnově nad Kněžnou, Radim’s short documentary ‘I am Work’ won 2nd prize for Best Student Film and his first-year silent etude, ‘Swallow’ took out the Young Audience Award for Best Film.

FAMO student Radim Grzbek is on a roll

His first year silent etude “Swallow” was awarded the Audience Award at the Fiskulet 2019 festival in Tábor, CR. His short documentary “I am work” was awarded 2nd place.

Slavonice fest 2019

FAMO student Karel Sindelar was awarded best student film at Slavonice fest 2019 for his film “Why so sirius”.

Honorable Mention for FAMO Documentary

The documentary “I am work” (directed by Radim Grzybek) won the Honorary Jury Award at Náchod’s Prima Festival 2019.

FAMO student wins the iShorts evening in May 2019

 Karel Šindelář won the iShorts Evening event with his excellent film WHY SO SIRIUS.

Czech Television’s Film Accelerator 2019

In  Czech Television’s Film Accelerator 2019 competition, which serves to support the best student films, FAMO in Písek placed 2nd with the project “Talk” (directed by Ondřej Burda).

Student Thalia 2018

The Student Thalia Award 2018 in the Echoes of Student Thalia (Talents of the Literary Section) was awarded to Martin Synek from FAMO in Písek.

FAMO films are a hit at Ceske Budejovice’s Black Tower (Cerny Vez) Festival

FAMO student films were at hit at this year’s 8th annual ČERNÁ VĚŽ film festival – an amateur and student film festival held in nearby České Budějovice – with the Award for Best Student Film going to Michaela Polakova and her film The Summer of Mischief, and the Viewers Award going to Daniel Habrda for his film From Hell and Back. Congratulations!

The battle of Pisek’s film schools at FILMOVKAfest 2018…

And the prize goes to:

Festival’s Main Prize of 50,000CZK, donated by the town of Pisek
Film: Why so Sirius
Director: Karel Šindelář

Award for the Best Screenplay
Film: Why so Sirius
Screenwriter: Karel Šindelář

Award for the Best Director
Film: Úhorná
Director: Matej Šmelko

Award for the Best Cinematography – supported by BIOFILMS RENTAL, in the amount of 20,000CZK for future equipment rentals.
Film: The Summer of Mischief
Cameraman: Patrik Rams

Award for Best Sound 
Film: The Summer of Mischief
Sound Technician: Jakub Zbíral

Award for the Best Edit
Film: Why so Sirius
Editer: Karel Šindelář

Award for the Most Artistic Concept
Film: Úhorná
Director: Matej Šmelko

Double Score in Ostov at the Children’s Film and Television Festival ‘Oty Hofmana’

Michaela Polakova’s Summer of Mischief has continued its hot streak even with the onset of the Autumn cold, being awarded the festival’s Main Prize. FAMO student Michal Stary’s film Aplomb, which follows the story of a brainwashing agency, was awarded an Honourable Mention for it’s original and quality themes. Congratulations!

Jan Mika’s ‘We’re Human After All’ knows no boundaries

FAMO graduate Jan Mika’s graduation film ‘We’re Human After All’ continues to pick up awards two years after its creation. This October it was awarded Best Animated Film at the 25th Annual ‘KROK’ (Step) Festival in Russia in the graduation film category. Congratulations Jan!

It’s not just a hot summer, it’s The Summer of Mischief 

FAMO in Pisek graduate Michaela Polakova’s film The Summer of Mischief (Rozverne Leto) received the prize of the professional jury of student films at Slavonice fest 2018. Congratulations! 

Tomáš Pavlíček’s ‘The Cube’ takes the animated cake at Darbhanga, India. 

FAMO in Pisek graduate Tomáš Pavlíček has been awarded the best animated film in the international category at the 5th Darbhanga International Film Festival, 2018, India for his film ‘The Cube’ which follows the story of an outsider cube, who’s only chance for acceptance is love and friendship. Congratulations!

Victory in Vary

Students of FAMO in Pisek shone in Karlovy Vary. The crew of the film “The Fridge”, directed by director Barbora Kočičková, won first place in the prestigious Nespresso Talents 2018 competition, which was announced on July 3 at the 53rd Karlovy Vary International Film Festival.

FAMO in Pisek graduate goes to Karlovy Vary!

FAMO in Pisek’s graduate Adam Sedlák and his film ‘Domesktik’ fought their way into Karlovy Vary’s film festival main section. In 2015 he received first place from the Film Foundation for the best unrealized scenario (for the same film). For the mini-series Semester, Adam was also nominated for the Czech Film Critics Award in the categories of discovery of the year and performances outside of cinema.

Other FAMO graduates who participated in the film Domestik include:
Producer: Jakub Jira, Sound engineers: Jan Šulcek andJakub Jurásek.

Students receive financial support from the Filmtalent Zlín Endowment Fund

On the 28. 5. 2018 presentations of the respective projects by the students of Pisek’s film school took place in Zlín. Based on their presentations, Filmtalent Zlín decided to grant financial support to to following:

We thank the Foundation for its interest in supporting young artists in their work.

To the stars
directed by Tomáš Stehlík
amount of financial support: CZK 100,000

directed by Ruy Okamura
amount of financial support: CZK 90,000

Mr. Balloo
directed by Jan Daniel
amount of financial support: CZK 70,000


Matej Šmelko’s ‘Úhorná’ is awarded the Pavel Koutecký award for 2018

FAMO’s Master degree graduate Matej Šmelko was awarded the Pavel Koutecký award for 2018 at the Elbe Dock film festival for his short graduation documentary ‘Úhorná’, which follows life in the small village of Úhorná in Eastern Slovakia. 

FAMO students wait for Karlovy Vary

A crew composed of FAMO students (B. Kočičková, R. Grzybek, V. Lukomskaya, D. Tučník) was selected in the 20th Nespresso talent competition 2018 to be among the top ten films. The winning film will be announced in Karlovy Vary. Fingers crossed!

Bio Buddy goes to Cannes

The 48th film project submitted to Cannes 16 teams as part of the Short Film Corner. Director and FAMO graduate Jan Chramosta’s graduation film Bio Buddy was selected as the best short film for the Cannes Film Festival from a total of 2000 films (and over 5000 submissions)!

Oliver Beaujard takes out the title – Battle of the Film Schools

In the iShorts organised event – the battle of the film schools – FAMO in Pisek’s Oliver Beaujard and his graduation film Robine? took away the heavy weight title for best film in Prague.

Honorable mention goes to FAMO student Patrick Ulrich

Our student Patrik Ulrich received an honorable mention at the 44th Mladá Kamera, Unicov – International Festival of Amateur and Student Film – in the III. category for his film “Pictures, fairy tales and dreams”.

‘We’re Human, After All’ takes another bite from the cake of animation success 

Jan Mika was awarded Japan’s North Pacific Bank Award at the New Chitose Airport International Animation festival 2017 for his stunning puppet work and animation in his FAMO graduating film ‘We’re Human, After All’. 

One festival, Two awards –  animated film “We Are Human, after all”

FAMO graduate Jan Mika took two awards home from The International Student Film Festival in Písek with his animated film “We Are Human, After All”: Best Technology Performance, Best Animated Film

The Audience Award goes to Fleur

11.10.2017 – viewers at the screening of student films from Pisek projected by iShorts in BIO OKO, Prague, decided that the best film was Fleur (directed by Oliver Beaujard).

FAMO in Písek wins first prize at the Night of Film Hope, 2017

First prize for the film “Fleur”, along with a check worth 50,000 CZK, was taken by FAMO student Oliver Beaujard at the Night of Film Hope 2017 organized by TV Nova.

First Prize for “Soukromé lekce” (“Private Lessons”)

At the Rychnovská osmička 2017 competition, Patrik Ulrich won his first prize in the screenshots of film school students category with his film “Private lessons”.

Achievements at the Kraťasy Film Festival. 2017

Here, our students received the following prizes:

Jury Prize (Main Prize of the Festival) – film: We Are People – Directed by: Jan Míka
Honorable Mention of Pelhřimov (Award Selected by MPE) – film: Good Lights by Karel Čabrádka – directed by: Martin Kostelník
Honorable Jury Recognition – Benny – Director: Michal Hruška

Honorable Recognition for the film “Rhinos”

At the Start Film Fest festival in Bystřice nad Pernštejnem 2017 director Amálie Kovářová received an honorable mention for the film “Rhinos”.

Awards for “To The Grave”

SVOŠF student David Bumbalek scored twice at the Start Film Fest festival in Bystřice nad Pernštejnem 2017. He won the award for the best fiction film as well as the prize for the best film of the festival.

Platinum Remi award for “First Snow”

At the jubilee 50th WorldFest Houston, held from 21 to 30 April 2017 in the US state of Texas, the animated film First Snow by our graduate Lenka Ivančíková received the Platinum Remi award in the category “Student Film”.

Triple success at Klapka 2017

FAMO student, Patrik Ulrych, was awarded first prize at the Klapka festival 2017 (in Kladno) for his movie “Soukromé lekce”! Filip Kilián’s film “Jáma”, won the second prize, and Ruy Okamura’s  “Medvídek” won the third. Congratulations boys! 

The success of our graduates in America

FAMO graduate, Jan Chramosta, was awarded several prizes at the prestigious international competition, 48hours, in the American city of Seattle, for his film “Bio Buddy”. His film won the award for Best Directing, and was awarded 2nd Place at the festival. On top of that, it was also nominated for Best Screenplay and Best Supporting Actor. 

“První sníh” win in Lithuania

Lenka Ivančíková’s puppet film “První sníh” received more praise at the 14th International Animation Film Festival, Tindirindis 2016, in Vilnius, Lithuania. This time it was awarded the prize “Special Mention Diploma for the realistic world of animation”.

Jan Titlbach won the Edge Hill University Talent Show in England

Jan Titlbach, a 2nd grade FAMO student studying his second semester at Edge Hill University in England, as a part of the ERASMUS+ programme, just won first place in the university’s talent competiton. Congratulations Jan! Check it out : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x5XdUNtslgo&feature=youtu.be

“První sníh” celebrates success in Switzerland

The Puppet film “První sníh” has received more success – this time for The Best Children´s Film: the Children´s Prize, at Geneva’s Black Movie International Independent Film Festival in Switzerland. Congratulations!

Nominations for the Magnesia Award

The Film “Benny”, directed by Michal Hruška (FAMO student), was nominated for the Magnesia Awards for the Best Student Film. The Prize was awarded by the company Karlovarské Minerální Vody in cooperation with the Czech Film and Television Academy and the Czech Film Center.

“První sníh” won in Poland  

The puppet film “První sníh” created by Lenka Ivančíková, was the winner at the Zubroffka film festival in the Polish city, Bialystok, in the category of the Best Film for Children 7+. 

3 prizes for the film “Snovej” 

Film “Snovej” directed by Mark Ciccotti aquired the Audience Award and the Award for Student Film at Black Tower festival in Ceske Budejovice,  November 2016. Furthermore, this movie won the Audience Award at the show iShorts Prague,  September 2016. 

The Film “Toro” wins in Spain

Animator Polina Kazakova won the award for the Best Short Animation film with her “Toro” movie at Spain’s 35th Enkarzine fesival.

“První sníh” won in Chicago!

The puppet film “První sníh” made by FAMO’s Lenka Ivančíková can boast further success! The film won the Children´s Jury Award – Animated Short Film at the International Children´s film festival in Chicago. 

Best Animated Film

“První sníh” has scored again. The Film made by Pisek’s FAMO graduate, Lenka Ivančíková, won a well-deserved award for the Best Animated Film at the International Student Film Festival Písek 2016. Congratulations! 

The success of the film “Jáma” at “Noc filmových nadějí” in Písek

During the live broadcast of the Night of Film Talent in Písek, organized by TV NOVA, and held as a part of the International Student Film Festival in Písek, the film “Jáma” was awarded 2nd place. This film is directed by Filip Kilián, a student at FAMO.

Triple success at the Ota Hofman Festival

At the Ota Hofman Festival 2016 held in Ostrov nad Ohří, our school celebrated amazing success. The Ota Hofman prize for the Best Student Film was awarded to  “Soukromé lekce” (directed by Patrik Ulrich), furthermore, the documentary “Dobrá Světla Karla Čabrádka” (directed by Martin Kostelník) and the film “Divnolidi” (directed by Kateřina Husáková) received honourable mention from the jury. 

Great success of the film “Expozice”

David Bumbálek, a student of the Independent Film College in Písek (SVOŠF), won the 2nd prize for his film “Expozice” (course work category) at Rychnovská osmička festival in Rychnov nad Kněžnou. 

Prize for “Jáma”

Student of FAMO, Filip Kilián, won the Audience Award for his movie “Jáma” at the Film Festival Kraťasy bez hranic in Pelhřimov. 

Winning films at Start Film Fest in Bystřice nad Pernštejnem 2016

The following films were awarded: 

Documentary – Amálie Kovářová received the Special Award for her film “Nad námi”

Feature Film – The main prize went to Filip Kilián for his film “Jáma”

Amálie Kovářová received an honourable mention for her film “Každou vteřinu” 

“První sníh” awarded in Italy

The puppet film “První sníh” by Lenka Ivančíková has won again! Lenka received the award for the Best Short Film at Rabbitfest 2016 in Italy.

“První sníh”‘s winning streak continues

“První sníh” has had success, again. The film won in the category: Film for Children and Youth at the Leben Film Festival 2015 in Germany. 

“První sníh” awarded again!

“První sníh” won at 7 IAFF Golden Kuker Sofia 2016 in the category: Best Student Film.

Opavský páv 2016

The following films were awarded at the Opavský páv 2016 festival  (from both of our film schools – SVOŠF & FAMO in Písek)

Documentary : “Řezník” (directed by Vojtěch Petřina, SVOŠF Písek)

Audience Award : “Každou vteřinu” (directed by Amálie Kovářová, FAMO in Písek)

Back to back success at Filmy letí 2016 festival

Our students won both first and second place at Dobeška theatre in Prague :

1st place : “Expozice” (directed by David Bumbálek, SVOŠF Písek)

2nd place : “Moji drazí” (ditected by Patrik Ulrich, FAMO in Písek)

Another award for “První sníh”

“První sníh” by artist and FAMO graduate, Lenka Ivančíková, won the Special Prize of the Children´s Jury at the 6th animated movies festival ANIMOCJE 2016.

“První sníh” takes the prize

The puppet film “První sníh” was the winner of the Best Stopmotion Animation at the Dingle film festival, Ireland.

Young camera Uničov 2016

FAMO student, Patrik Ulrich, was awarded first place in the category: Student and Graduates of Film Schools. His Film “Moji drazí” won at the festival Young camera Uničov 2016. It is not his first taste of success. Congratulations!

Back to back success at Klapka 2016

The festival of amateur and non-commercial film, Klapka 2016, took place on Saturday, March 13. The Film “Moji drazí” directed by Patrik Ulrich was awarded first place in the category of Student Film, as well as taking the Prize for the Guest of Honour (making him the outright winner of the festival). 3rd place went to the movie “Ta pravá”, directed by Daniel Habrda. Congratulations! 

2nd place in Telč

The film “Čekárna” directed by Filip Kilián, took out 2nd place in the category of Student Films at the 11th European Film Festival of the Arts & Film 2015. 

Festival of Amateur and Student Films

Success for our second school, SVOŠF Písek at the Amateur and Student film Black Tower film festival in Ceske Budejovice!  “Ta pravá” directed by our student, Daniel Habrda, placed 2nd in the category of the Audience Award. The film “Rada nad zlato” directed by our student, Jakub Charvát, was also awarded 2nd place in the Documentary category.

Achievements in Brno

Filip Kilián and his film “Čekárna” won the 2nd place at the 10th edition of the contest of Short Feature Film, a part of the 56th Brno Sixteen, a small film festival celebrating young creation.

Student success at MFSF Písek 2015

Michaela Poláková, a FAMO student in Pisek, was awarded the UPP company prize for talented Czech film maker for her film “Šest dní”, at the International Student Film Festival Písek 2015. She received an honourable mention from the jury for her innovative directing and complex story.

Awards in Russia

Russia’s worldwide competition of amateur film, UNICA 2015, took place in St.Petersburg in September. In the category Students from Schools, our student, Amálie Kovářová, was awarded the bronze medal for her film “B+F”. 

Success at iShorts 2015

The film “Chlapáci”, made by our student Michaela Poláková, received the Audience Award from the BioFilms company worth 20 000 CZK in film and TV technology.

FAMO graduate wins grant from the Film Foundation RWE

The Film Foundation RWE announced FAMO graduate Adam Sedlák, as the winner of it’s screenplay contest, in the category: Literary Preparation of a Feature Film – Unrealized Screenplay, for his project “Domestik”. The award is worth 250,000 CZK. Congratulations!

Film “iDentita” won “Noc Filmových Nadějí 2015 NOVA TV”

At the end of June 2015 NOVA TV’s unique event, the Night of Film Talents, was held. The film most enjoyed by the jury was directed by our student, Sofie Šustková. Congratulations! 

“divoČINY” documentary scores a festival hattrick!

The documentary “divoČINY”, directed by FAMO in Pisek graduate Jan Svatoš, won another prestigous award. This time Jan was presented the Special Jury Award by the Polish Ministry of Culture and National Heritage at the International Nature Film Festival. 

The International Jury justified its decision : 

“For the emotional visual essay about the return of wild animals in the Czech countryside. This film does not moralize, but it illustrates the problem from many sides…”  The film was made by a triple coproduction of Czech TV, the Film Academy in Písek and Jan Svatoš in 2011. Last year the film was awarded success at the Life Sciences film festival in the Czech Republic and in China, where it won the Jade Kunlun Special Jury Award. 

Student Michal Hruška, the outright winner of the Artur Film Awards!

The awards for the short film competition organized by ÓČKO TV, were presented in Cinema City Galaxie hall, in June. The outright winner was our first year student, Michal Hruška. This young director was presented awards for his poetic Christmas movie “Zrcadlo”, which was successful in four categories, including Best Film. Besides the Artur statue, Michal also took away the main prize, a Canon Legria camera worth almost 37 000 CZK. Congratulations Michal!

Ranking on iShorts

Viewers votes’ placed Sofie Šustková’s film “iDentita” in 2nd place at the Student Films Show iShorts, 13.5.2015.

Double success for our animation student

The student of animation, Eliška Podzimková, has received two awards for two different films. The first for Best Animated Film, at the India Screen Williamsburg festival, New York, for her film “Bubbles”. She received the second at Animánie Plzeň, where she was presented The Professional Mastering of the Genre Award, for her film “Flight”. 

The success of the graduate film “Polda”

The film “Polda”, directed by Petr Pekař, won the 2nd place at the festival, Klapka 2015, in the category of Student Films.

Film “Řehtačky” won Ota Hofman´s Award

The film “Řehtačky”, created by Martina Vedralová, was awarded the prize for the Best Student Video Art at the 46th Children´s Film and Television festival of Ota Hofman, 2014. The jury appreciated the film’s honest, creative and bold approach to the topic and and genre. Congratulations!

“divoČINY” wins the award. Succeeded as one of the entire country!

The film “divoČINY”, directed by Jan Svatoš and created in co-production with Czech TV and FAMO, has won another award. This time at the International Festival of Life Sciences in Prague, where it outshined it’s all-foreign competition. The film’s theme captivated a young audience. It was one of the most popular films, being presented the Student Jury Award at the Czech Agricultural University. The film “divoČINY” has already been successful at the World Mountain international festival, where the international jury awarded it the Jade Kunlun Special Jury Award in the Chinese city of Qinghai.

Further success at the “48 Hours” international competition

Graduates of the Film Academy of Miroslav Ondríček in Písek have scored again. The film “Popojedem!” won awards for Best Director and Best Actor, for the second time in 48hours history as an international festival. 

Documentary “divoČINY” received a prestigious award in China!

The documentary “divoČINY”, directed by Jan Svatoš (in co-production with Czech TV, FAMO and Jan Svatoš), won a prestigious prize at the international World Mountain Documentary of Qinghaiv 2014 film festival, in China. Jan won the Jade Kunlun Special Jury Award, bettering the favourite of the competiton, a French film about the pollution of the Himalayas. The international jury consisted of 17 filmmakers and producers from Canada, Turkey, Israel, Norway, South Korea and China. This year, 551 documentaries from 36 countries were in contest for the award. Jan’s film considers the wilderness as a cultural phenomenon and emphasizes the importance of man as an integral part of nature. The Institute of Documentary Film (IDF) and the Czech Film Center ranked this film on the short list of the 25 most interesting documentaries in the Czech Republic.

Triple success by ” Věřím, ze mohu snít” 

The film makers of “Věřím, že mohu snít” (directed by Petr Slanina, SVOŠF) have had opportunity to celebrate three times. Their film received 1st prize at the 11th International Festival of Outdoor Films in the category Rock climbing and Mountain movie, and also received the Noe TV Special Prize. Furthermore, the filmmakers received honorable mention at 25th International + Adventure Filmfestival Gratz 2013 in the category : Climbing on rock and ice.

Awards for “BE-42”

“BE-42”, is an interesting combinaton of feature film and animated digital postproduction by filmmakers Jiří Hanzlíček and Radek Smetana. The film won 2nd place in the category: Student Film at the AEAF festival in Sydney. Furthermore, this film placed 1st in the category : Experiment at the festival Tell it Quick 2013.

Independent Film Cabinet

On the Independent Film Cabinet show the film “Velkej Honza”, directed by Marek Ciccotti, won the honorary diploma for the greatest audience response.

Videofest 2013

At Videofest our student Marek Ciccotti received the statue of Táborská Páska in the category : Best Film, for his movie “Strejda”. 

Tell it Quick 2013

Matěj Balcar was awarded 1st place for his film “Podivný flám” in the category: Feature Film, at the Tell it Quick 2013 festival in Žilina, Slovakia.

Black Tower – České Budějovice 2013

FAMO celebrated back to back success at the Black Tower festival in Ceské Budejovice. Director Radoslav Irša won 1st place for his Master film “Matka” and director Matěj Balcar won 2nd place for his film “Podivný flám”. 

Cameraman’s Special Award

Cameraman Jakub Mahdal (SVOŠF Písek) received the Special Award at the Ostrava Kamera Oko festival 2013. The award was presented to him for the film “Korepondence”, directed by Erik R. Hromádko. The jury was impressed by how a small area managed in brief and purposeful stylization lead the viewer directly to the essence of communication. The jury was also appreciative of the artistic expression with clearly defined composition.

The Europe at Heart competition

Thanks to the Association of Directors and Screenwriters, Daniel Habrda, a student of SVOŠF Písek, participated in the Europe at Heart competition. His documentary theme was among the nine selected from across Europe, out of 30 entered artists. The idea (theme) received support worth 3 000 EUR from the international jury. The documentary focuses on the relationship of modern Czech-Finnish violinist, Kristian, to Europe and European music. 

Award for an animated film

Students Yia-Wei Huang and Vít Ureš received the Special Jury Prize at MFSF Písek 2013 for their animated film “Písek, obrázky z města nad Otavou”. 

More success for “Vilma”

Pisek graduate Pavel Hnilička, has had more success, this time internationally at the Portuguese festival in Quinta Praia. Pavel’s diploma film received the Honorable Appreciation for the Best Short Film.

Festival – Novoměstský hrnec smíchu 2013

This year our school presented many films at the festival Novoměstský hrnec smíchu, and we reaped success once more. Pavel Hnilička won the main, Studentský smích prize, for the category: Best Student Work, for his film “Vilma”.

The worldwide success of our students

FAMO students’ team “Láska” succeed in connection with the 48 Hours Film Project Praha, and at the world finals at Filmapalooza, Los Angeles. The team was formed for the shooting of the short movie “Hlavní chod”, primarily for the 48 Hours Film Project Praha competition. The producer, Kristýna Drozdová, put together this team mostly from her classmates, and eventually they won the Prague round – winning the major prizes. At the world finals in Los Angeles the team received an award for the Best Used Prop and Best Lead Actress (Kateřina Pindejová). The 48 Hours Film Project is a global phenomenon. It is the greatest film contest of our time, which originated in Los Angeles in 2001. This competition was held for the second time in Prague, Czech Republic in September 2012. The contest rules are difficult for filmmakers and test their skills. Short film within the range of 3-7 minutes must be written, filmed, edited, have sound system and be handed over within 48 hours. Each team gets an alloted genre, gets props assigned, as well as the sentences and characters that should appear in the movie. The film “Hlavní chod” was also selected for The Short Film Corner at Cannes 2013.

Back with Ota

At the 55th Ota Hofman Children’s Film and Television Festival in Ostrov, Jan Daniel won was awared second place in the category, Best Student Work, for his film Romeo and Juliet?

The Black Tower Film Festival 2023

Multiple films from FAMO in Písek were successful at the Black Tower Film Festival in České Budějovice 2023. In the documentary film category Ivan Crnac won with his film I am CODA . Jan Daniel and his film Romeo and Juliet? won in two categories – Audience Award and Long Student Film.