Erasmus Charter for Higher Education 2021-2027

Erasmus+ Policy Statement 2021-27 (PDF)

FAMO has been selected to hold the Erasmus University Charter under the Erasmus+ Programme 2021-2027.

What is the Erasmus+?


Erasmus+ is the EU’s largest program in place to support European cooperation in higher education. Currently, most European universities are actively involved in the program. Put simply, the program is designed to support and facilitate learning / working / teaching abroad opporortunities for students, teachers and employees of higher education institutions.

More information about the program can be found on the European Commissions website.

Before applying to the selection proccess, please read the attached information brochure (found directly below) carefully, in which you will find information about the program, the activities offered and the conditions of application, selection, notification and participation.

Information regarding Erasmus+ application, selection, notification and participation (PDF)

Who is the Erasmus+ Coordintator?

Daniel Weller
Vedoucí zahraničního oddělení
+420 732 225 926

If you have any general questions about the Erasmus + program or about making an application to the program, please contact the program coordinator.

RECOMMENDATION: The past expereiences of Erasmus+ mobility participants from all over the Czech Republic can be found in the database of final reports.

Application and Selection processes

The Application form for application to the Erasmus+ program can be found here:  Erasmus+ Application Form (PDF). The application deadline for the internal selection of candidates is:

  • 15.03 (of every calendar year) for application to an exchange in the winter semester
  • 10.10 (of every calendar year) for application to an exchange in the summer semester

Applications should be made to the Erasmus+ coordinator, Daniel Weller (either physically to his office, or via email at ). Applicants who are interested in performing a recent graduate traineeship mobility must apply to the Erasmus+ program while still enrolled as a student.All applications must be submitted complete with the signature of the Vice-Rector / Head of Studies and their respective English teacher. If the applicant seeks to perform a mobility whose main language will not be English, they will need to submit evidence of their language skills (test certificates / diplomas) to ensure that they will be able to participate fully. The extent of this event will largely depend upon the requests of the intended host institution. Acceptance into the program is be based on the following criteria:

  • The successful completion of the applicant’s previous semester(s), their study results and participation in their classes.
  • The applicant’s ability to fulfil their obligations abroad and act as a good representative of our institutions.
  • The required language skills for successful participation in a mobility.
  • Settled tuition fees (including for the term during which the applicants intends to be on mobility), and resolved outstanding debts to the school.
  • A completed and signed Erasmus+ GDPR form (which can be found on the school’s website and intranet portal), which gives the school permission to use the student’s personal information to allow for proper participation in the program.

All applications received by the relevant date will be considered by a selection panel chaired by the Vice-Rector and Head of Studies. Results will be announced by the end of October via email by the Erasmus+ coordinator. * Applicants should discuss any intention to study / work abroad with their head of studio.


  • In principle, exchanges are open to all students who have successfully completed their first year of studies and successfully fulfil all criteria in the application process (as noted above).
  • Recent graduates may also partake in work placements / internships, as long as these are concluded within a year of their last class at school.
  • Those applicants who have not participated in the Erasmus+ program in the past will be given preference to promote maximum participation in the program. Any person who has already participated in 12 months of Erasmus+ mobility (at their study level) will NOT be eligible to participate.
Once your selected


After official selection to the Erasmus+ program, students will receive further specific information and instruction by the Erasmus+ coordinator either in person or via email regarding the next steps and necessary documentation that must be completed BEFORE / DURING / and AFTER their mobility.

BEFORE MOBILITY participants will be required to complete:

1) Learning Agreement – a study contract, which stipulates primarily the expected duration of the study stay, the subjects that the student will complete at the host institution and the subjects that should be subsequently recognized after successful completion of the mobility at FAMO. In the case of a practical internship, this document primarily regulates the content and scope of work and the method of recognition at the sending institution. This contract must be signed by all three parties before departure, ie the student, the sending institution and the receiving institution.

These agreements are completed online at

2) Participation contract – a financial agreement that sets out the conditions for the payment of the grant, the date of beginning and end of the mobility and the amount of the scholarship (funding), which will be paid to the student within one month of signing the contract. This contract must be signed by the student and the statutory representative of the sending institution before departure. Part of the contract is a confirmation that the student has secured insurance according to the specific conditions.

3) Online Linguistic Support (OLS) – the student will be granted a license for online language assessment, which he must complete before leaving for mobility. If this is not done, the scholarship will not be paid to the student. The student will also be issued with a language course (free of charge, and voluntary) which we strongly recommend they make full use of.

4) Completion of their current semester – the student must have fulfilled all school obligations necessary to complete the previous semester before departure. Specifically, the successful completion of subjects and the conclusion of all grades, paid tution fees, loans, or fines and returned school equipment or loans from the school library / warehouse. This will be confirmed by the FAMO study and technical department.

NOTE: Partner schools may have additional requirements for the admission of international students to stay under the Erasmus + program. It is therefore necessary for students to find out for themselves on the website of the selected institution how the admission procedure is currently taking place.

DURING MOBILITY: During the stay abroad, the mobility participant is still a FAMO student, so he / she must have paid tuition fees for the given semester / school year. The host institution is no longer subject to any additional tuition fees. In case of changes related to signed contracts or difficulties during the stay abroad, the student should immediately contact the international office at FAMO.

AFTER MOBILITY: As soon as possible after their return, the student must submit / complete the following documents (if it is not done so by the receiving institution):

1) Transcript of Records / Traineeship Certificate – list of courses and courses attended by the student and credits received, stamped and signed by the coordinator of the foreign department of the partner institution / part of LA is for internships and Traineeship certificate, which must be completed and signed by a representative receiving institution. If a student does not meet their study requirements as per their Learning Agreement, he / she may be required to complete one or more courses (at FAMO in Pisek) which are most similar in content and credit value as the unfulfilled objectives at the host institution.

2) Arrival and departure form – before departure the student will receive a document, which will confirm their arrival and departure as per their participation contract, and will be signed by a respresentative from the incoming institution.

3) Online Linguistic Support (OLS) – upon return, the student must complete a second online language assessment (to assess whether their language skills have imporved) – which will be automatically issued to their email. If this is not done, the student will have to return the scholarship.

4) Final report – after the end of the mobility, the student will receive a questionairre relating to their mobility which they are required to complete. This will be sent to their email automatically, and a failure to complete may result in scholarship funds needing to be returned.

Partner institutions – study mobilities



Department of Media and Arts 
studies in English (B2 minimum)



Media: Conception and Production department

výuka v AJ (B2)



School of film
studies in English (B2 minimum)



Department of Radio and Television

studies in English (B2 minimum)



Film and Media Arts department

studies in English (B2 minimum)



Film Faculty
studies in Slovak (B2 minimum)



Faculty of Dramatic Arts 

studies in Slovak or English (B2 minimum)



Faculty of Audiovisual Communications

studies in Spanish (B2 minimum)

Partner institutions – work placements

Our students are able to organise work placements at any insititution within the EU. That said, here are a few groups we work with regularly:


Archipelagos Institute of Marine Conservation
Archipelagos Institute of Marine Conservation is a non-profit, non-governmental organization committed to researching and defending the biodiversity of the Greek seas and islands, as well as the NE Mediterranean overall.


Czech Centers promote the Czech cultural scene on the international stage and strengthen the Czech Republic’s reputation in the world. They are a contributory organization of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic established for the promotion of the Czech Republic abroad.

Thanks to internships at Czech Centers, students will gain experience in supporting, organizing and documenting projects in the field of culture. They will improve their practical use of foreign languages, gain interesting contacts abroad, and participate in cultural events organized by Czech Centers abroad.


Fest – New Directors New Films Festival
Students have the opportunity to participate in the international film festival’s organization, documentation and marketing, as well as in the events themselves.

“Since its establishment in 2004, FEST has quickly become one of the leading showcases of groundbreaking films by emerging filmmakers, as well as a platform for international film professionals, up-and-coming and established alike, to come together to present their work, develop their skills and create synergies. Set in the coastal resort town of Espinho, Portugal, FEST presents a selection of feature and short films and an extensive industry program that includes masterclasses, workshops, debates, roundtables, case studies; a development and co-production event and more – featuring the most promising new talents from around the globe, as well as some of the biggest names in world cinema, industry thought leaders, decision-makers and experts…”


International Film Festival ZOOM – ZBLIŻENIA Jelenia Góra
The International Film Festival ZOOM-ZBLIŻENIA is organised by Osiedlowy Dom Kultury in Jelenia Góra.

Students or graduates who would be interested in this work placement can expect to participate in the following:

1/ festival office:
– organizational matters, preparing packages and materials for guests and filmmakers participating in the festival.
– during the festival itself: assistance in running the organizational office, taking care of foreign guests, photo-documentation of additional events
– preparing promotional materials from professional filmmakers for the purpose of the festival program (administrative work)

2/ documentation
– assistance in making the festival clip
– preparing simple graphics with official festival graphics for social media posts
– photo-documentation of additional events


Formed in the early 2000s as an informal group of authors and artists, Caucasus converged scientific research and artistic production, establishing itself in 2015 as a film production company based in Bologna, Italy. Its production focuses on auteur cinema, especially documentaries derived from original subjects that stand out for their unique and original approach to cinema.

Online Language Support

Online Linguistic Support (OLS) is a free online language learning platform designed for Erasmus+ and European Solidarity Corps participants. With OLS, you can test your current level in the language you will use while you are abroad. Your results will not prevent you from taking part in an Erasmus+ or European Solidarity Corps mobility, but will give you access to an OLS language course! OLS complements face-to-face teaching, allowing you to develop your skills outside the classroom. It also provides you with collaborative and peer learning opportunities. For more information, visit OLS @ .