29. 4. 2024
FAMO film at Cannes 🇫🇷
Animation major Poly Kazak's graduation film 'Weeds' will have its world premiere at the Festival de Cannes in the La Cinef section. A film made using the glass painting technique will be the only Czech representative in the official selection of the world's most famous film festival! 😮 I'll take my hat off to that! 🎩
25. 3. 2024
Unboxed Democratic Youth
We love making new friends and partnering on different international projects 🗺️. We just got back from Vilnius, Lithuania, where we were busy planning the next 17 months of the project 'Unboxed Democratic Youth'.
11. 3. 2024
Jan Vejnar announced King of the jungle 🦁
FAMO graduate Jan Vejnar, along with Tomas Pavlicek won 🏆 the Best Director Award, at the Czech Lion 🦁 Awards 2024 🥳 for their chilling horror comedy She Came at Night 🫣🎬.
20. 2. 2024
Czech Television’s annual Film Accelerator 🏃‍♂️
Czech Television's Film Accelerator is approaching. A presentation of our students' graduation projects took place in the school cinema. The selected projects will subsequently fight for co-production and financial support from Czech TV in competition with other film schools.
20. 2. 2024
FAMO in Písek graduate Jan Vejnar's new film "Přišla v noci" won three Czech Film Critics' Awards 2023! It won Best Film, Best Director, Best Actress.
Photo: facebook Jan Vejnar
25. 1. 2024
Václav Kubant for VES 🤞
Graduate of Pisek's film schools, Václav Kubant, has been nominated for an VES award for visual effects on the series "The Last of US"! The results will be announced in February in Los Angeles. Fingers crossed!
24. 1. 2024
NVCC bff ❤️
There's nothing quite like a bff (best film friend). We've found ours - NVCC - and we're never trading!
24. 1. 2024
FAMO in New York 🗽
FAMO representatives travelled to New York to present the work of Pisek's film schools at the famed Bohemian National Hall on Manhattan's upper east side in cooperation with the Czech Center New York.
14. 11. 2023
Autumn Festival Fever
Another typical autumn, and our students have been raking in festival awards (in place of leaves) 🍂🎉.