Jiří Sádek

Jiří Sádek studied at Secondary School of Applied Arts in Prague, majoring in Film and Theater Set Design. After finishing the school he joined the Film Academy of Miroslav Ondricek in Pisek, Audio-Visual Creation.

His short debut “Neříkej hop” won the 2nd place Audience Award during the Night of Film Talents at NOVA TV. He also won the 1st place at the festival in Aero cinema and few other regional prizes. Film “Neříkej hop” competed in international festivals of “short and students films” in Holland, Serbia, Poland, Italy, Great Britain and Japan. His author´s short film “Pan Pozdě” won the Best Feature Film and the Best Screenplay Prize at the International Student Film Festival in Pisek, 2011.  “Pan Pozdě” was screened at the Prague Short Film Festival and was nominated for London Student Film Festival in category of the Best Short Film and the Best Film shot on 16mm. 

As the film “Neříkej hop”, so the film “Pan Pozdě” were chosen to be shortlisted for the Magnesia prize for the Best Student Film at the annual Czech Lion Film Awards (Český Lev). Jiří Sádek finished undergraduate studies at FAMO in Pisek with his gradiuation film “Psí jeskyně”. 

After rejection at FAMU in Prague and NFTS Jiří worked for several years in the commercial sector. His feature debut “Polednice” with famous Czech actresses Anna Geislerová and Daniela Kolářová, premiered in March 2016. The film was shot by the classical method on 35mm film. 

Jiří Sádek, inter alia, is currently engaged in a dubbing directing for HBO, AXN and Disney Channel.


Miscellaneous Information

The young animator, who graduated on Film Academy of Miroslav Ondricek in Pisek in 2014.  Not only to her Instagram profile @AnimateNY www.instagram.com/animateny gained recognition overseas, in the US. She made her dream, came true and now Eliška lives and works in her favourite city – New York. Instagram literally changed her life and brought the cooperation on which such modest Czech girl or dreamed. 

Now, she is responsible for eg. a spot for Jamie Oliver, occupying front pages of the New York City newspaper Metro, insta-events for American Vogue and articles in the media worldwide.

Eliška works on projects in the Czech Republic, as well. One of the latest is the cooperation with the organization “Můj Nový Život” (My New Life), which helps children with cancer.

She won several festival awards, mostly for school exercises. 


2013 Independent Williamsburg Film Festival – Best Animated Short – Babls

2013 Short Nonstop Online Festival – Winner – Babls

2014 Animánie – Best Student Animated Film – Flight


2014: International Student Film Festival in Pisek

2014: Ukradená Galerie

2015: Artists of Brooklyn


Miscellaneous Information

Jan Bezouška graduated on FAMO in Pisek in 2008. Thanks to the cooperation of FAMO and the West Virginia State University, Jan could get his Master´s degree in the US.  After successful completion of graduate study at WVSU he continued at the USC School of Cinematic Arts (Film & TV Production).  

His passion for sound design is put to use in a number of short films, which have won awards : Jan won eg. at the Sundance Film Festival with movie “Fruitvale Station” (2013) and “Lake Los Angeles” (2014). 

In recent years, he traveled to Jordan and South Africa, where he worked on two documentaries. He is currently working on a large number of feature films and is dedicated to audio postproduction. 


Miscellaneous Information

Director showreel:



Lives in: Prague, Czech Republic

E-mail: hussar@trinitypictures.cz
Skype: kublaicz


2004-2007 Film Academy of Miroslav Ondricek in Pisek 1996-2004,  Gymnasium Jírovcova, České Budějovice, Czech Republic

Professions and skills

1998 – 2013 Filmmaking – creation of more than 50 short films, commercials and music videos
2012 Founder and director of the “Vladimir Franz for president” initiative
2011 Founder & CEO ARK8 indie games studio
2004 – 2013 Screenwriting for Czech Television – TV serial Kruan´s Journey.
2007 – 2013 Advertising director – Armada films, The Rats and Boogie Films
2008 Education of reporters at NOVA TV 
2009 – 2013 Teaching at the Film Academy of Miroslav Ondricek in Pisek
2002 Founder of Trinity Pictures – Independent Filmmakers Society
1997 Created the first card game (Excalibur Card Game)
1999 – 2005 Organization Magicu:The Gathering tournaments in the South Bohemia
2001 – 2005 Leading of Magicu:The Gathering game room
2008 Game designer & Art Director on project Coraabia (upcoming online RPG card game)
1996 – 2004 Creating of comic books
2002 – 2004 Journalist in the South Bohemian diary, Legenda (card and board games specialized magazine) and in VeDneMesíčník, publisher and editor in Franzin magazine


and more…


Presidential campaign for Vladimir Franz
CRYSTAL SPYGLASS 2012 – Marketing inspiration award
Commercial spot “MUNICH”
BRONZE LION – CANNES LIONS 2009 (Cannes) – main cathegory “FILM”
GOLDEN DRUM GRAND PRIX 2009 (Portorož, Slovenia)
RED APPLE Grand Prix (Moscow)
SHARK AWARDS – Golden prize (London)
ZLATA PECKA – Bronze prize (Prague)
CLIO AWARDS 2009 shortlist selection (Las Vegas)
Short feature film “TOXYMORON”
TV prize “Night of Film Talents” 2007 – TV NOVA
1st prize – International Festival ZOOM 2005, Jelenia Gora, Poland
1st prize – International Festival UP TO 21, Tarnów, Poland
Grand Prix – FanFest 2006, Czech Republic
Short feature film “DALUR”
Grand Prix festival UP TO 21, Tarnów 2007, Poland
2nd prize – International Festival EFL, Estonia
Special Prize Award – ZOOM 2008
Short feature film “SKELETONS”
TV prize “Night of Film Talents” 2008 – TV NOVA
Special Prize Award – EFL – Tallinn 2008





Prizes of international contests and festivals:

Czech TV channel CT:D
Gold PromaxBDA Award, USA
Silver PromaxBDA Award, Europe
Bronze Lion, Cannes Lions 2009 (category: Film)
Grand Prix, Red Apple 2009, Moscow
Grand Prix, Golden Drum 2009, Portoroz
Gold, Cresta 2009
Gold, Montreaux 2009
Gold, Rainbow Marble
Gold, Shark Awards
Shortlist, Clio Awards, Las Vegas
Bronze, Effie Czech
and more..

Vojtěch Moravec graduated on FAMO in Pisek in 2011.  He cooperated on many projects for Czech Television and private TV already during his studies.

  • Director of TV seriesl Vinaři (2014 – 12x 60min) tv Prima
  • TV documentary Ústečák (2014 – 52 min) – coproduction V7M and Czech Television
  • Director of TV series Gympl s (r)učením omezeným (2013 – 26x 61min)
  • Television campaign REPORTÉŘI (5x 30s) tv Nova
  • Television campaign SUPERSTAR (5x 30s) tv Nova
  • Record of theater performance for TV – Cabaret Calambour, Theater lives
  • Record of New Year´s Eve Barování se Sandrou Novákovou for Czech Television (2012)
  • Short film to the renewed premiere to the film Hoří, má panenko – Hořelo, má panenko (2012) 14min.
    shown at KVIFF 2012
  • Festival´s Bublinky from finals of Pilsen (5x 7min) Czech Televisiion
  • Graduate film Vesnice roku (2011) 40min.
    Ondřej Vetchý, Lenka Vlasáková, Václav Postránecký, Jan Budař, Jaroslav Satoranský…Nominations for the Magnesia prize within the awards of Český Lev (Czech Lion) for the Best Student Film in 2011
  • Internet campaign Philips – Vyjádři to (Express it)
  • Second unit director of the three-part TV film Ztracená brána (2011) Czech Television
    directed by Jiří Strach
  • Director of feature section of program on housing Vrabci v Hrsti (2011) Prima, 12 parts
    Jaromír Nosek, Lenka Zahradnická
  • Pilot episode of documentary series Tvrdá zkouška (2010) 52min. The moderator gradually trying to live lives of differently affected people and living it for 21 days. The first part is about anorexia.
  • TV advertising Avon – march against breast cancer 2010
  • TV advertising T-Mobile ze série Člobrdo
  • TV advertising Toyota
  • TV advertising ING
  • TV advertising Kinder
  • Internet Viral Pepsi – Refresh your world
  • TV film Zmizení herce Bendy (2010) Czech Television
    Tomáš Topfer, Jiří Štěpnička, Václav Postránecký, Naďa Konvalinková…
  • Občan Kopas (2010)
    Documentary film about 13-year old autistics. Nominations for the Magnesia prize within the awards of Český Lev (Czech Lion) for the Best Student Film, 2010
  • Zatímco jsi psal (2010) 20min, directing and cinematography.
    Comedy, student film. It has more than 180,000 views on stream.cz.
  • Battle (2009)
    Winner of viewer´s votes and awarded 3rd place by professional jury of the Night of Film talents. 
  • Winton Train 1min
    Jingle of world project – Winton Train.
  • Vteřiny z Fresh Film Festu (2008) 7min, 8 parts
    Daily news from the festival.
  • Turbodiesel (2008)
    Documentary film about a man who did not get out of his car for 7 years. This film was seen by more than 100,000 people (on the Internet), before we admit that it was only a conspiracy.
    It has more than 190,000 views on stream.cz. 
  • The author of the concept and the director of the main evens, evenings
    International Student Film Festivals, MFSF 08 a 09

Graduate of the Film Academy in Pisek (specialization in Management in the audiovisual creation, 2014) and Masaryk University in Brno (Finance, 2011). 

In 2014 she completed the studio with producer Deana Jakubisková, where she defended her work on the visual aspects of the audiovisual creation.  In 2008, she completed her six-month intership at the Fachhochschule des bfi Vienna.

As an executive producer, Zuzana participated in several documentary co-production films with Czech Television (Rakovina je šok / Cancer is a shock) and she also long-term collaborates with director Jan Svatoš (Causa Carnivora, the Big Draw (Czech Television)).

Currently (2015) is working on feature-length documentary “Archa světel a stínů” (The Ark of lights and shadows) directed by Jan Svatoš, www.archafilm.com and on document for Czech Television “Kovářova kobyla chodí bosa” (The blacksmith mare goes barefoot). 

Graduate of the Film Academy of Miroslav Ondricek in Pisek (Production) and the University of Economics in Prague (Diplomacy). She studied the camera with FAMO professors, Jiří Myslík and Rudolf Adler in Hradec Králové.

Romi completed her intership at McGill University, Montreal, in 2008. Long-term cooperates with director Jan Svatoš, with him made a number of documentaries, most of which competed at international film festivals. 

Camera : 

Africa obscura (2001)

Afropolis (2012)

divoČINY (2013)

Z okapu už vodu nepiju (2014)

Velké losování (2014)

Hradčanské nokturno (2014)

Causa carnivora (2015)

Archa světel a stínů (2016)


FAMU graduate, FSV UK and FAMO in Pisek. Jan received the prestigious JADE Kunlun Special Jury Award by the international jury praised the documentary “divoČINY” (Wilderness). 

He is the author of more than 8 documentaries, most of which competed at international film festivals.  

Among the most successful films belongs “Africa obscura” (three times awarded!). In 2010, Jan organized a photographic expedition called “Fotografické návraty” (Photography comebacks), during which he photographed in the inhospitable lands of northern Kenya by old analog technology and developed films in the portable dark room. 

Jan is currently working on a new international independent film project “Archa světel s stínů” (The Ark of lights and shadows), for which he met with director Werner Herzog. 

Jan´s films are characterized by deep and long-term focus on selected topics, which uncovers new and often surprising contexts. He is trying to destroy cultular and social stereotypes, through his films.  He focuses on environmental issues as well, cooperates with the international festival NaturVision, where he sat as a jury member.

Jan cooperates (long-term) with Czech Televison and Czech Radio.  He is also the artistic director of the festival “Doteky Afriky” (Touches of Africa).

divoČINY (2013)
IFF World Mountain – Jade Kunlun Prize, Special Jury Award
MFF Life Sciences – student jury award
Africa obscura (2011)
MFF EKOFILM – prize for the Best Screenplay
MFF TOURFILM Karlovy Vary – 2nd place in the category : TV film

To study at the Film Academy of Miroslav Ondricek in Pisek was, as he says, one of the key moments of his life, drawing a line under the previous life. The decision that have influenced Michal´s world, which he failed for. The world he sees, or creates through the camera lens. 

During his studies, he worked with leading Czech cinematographer and director, F.A. Brabec. First, as an assistant (“Máj”) and as an assistant camera operator of action scenes, for example “Kájínek” and finally as a second cameraman, eg. the very first 3D movie in Czech Republic “V Peřině”. At the same time he worked on other films and series, either as an assistant, camera operator or as the lead cameraman on his short student films, for example “Malá pražská víla”, “Prstýnek” and graduation film, when Michal filmed one of the Erben´s poem “Lilie”. 

Michal made hundreds of short reports and journalism and documentaries – mainly for the Weekend magazine, studio Live shows (Breakfast with NOVA, TV News) for NOVA TV, for the past 10 years.  Michal also worked on currently starting new program called Upgrade. He makes video clips as well, for example for the singer Kristina the clip Break-up reggaeton. Michal made also commercial projects such as advertising. 

With camera he traveled the world from Asia to Amerika. He met with world famous professional people and worked in places where would the average person did not get to.