The Film Academy of Miroslav Ondricek offers English language Bachelor and Master’s Degree study programs (as well as shorter-term courses) in the multimedia fields. Apply now and join our team of well –known film professionals and top-of-the-range audio-visual equipment and technology. Our students have the choice of specializing in directing, documentary film, cinematography, editing, sound, production, visual effects & classic animation, and screenwriting.


25. 3. 2024
Unboxed Democratic Youth
We love making new friends and partnering on different international projects 🗺️. We just got back from Vilnius, Lithuania, where we were busy planning the next 17 months of the project 'Unboxed Democratic Youth'.
11. 3. 2024
Jan Vejnar announced King of the jungle 🦁
FAMO graduate Jan Vejnar, along with Tomas Pavlicek won 🏆 the Best Director Award, at the Czech Lion 🦁 Awards 2024 🥳 for their chilling horror comedy She Came at Night 🫣🎬.
20. 2. 2024
Czech Television’s annual Film Accelerator 🏃‍♂️
Czech Television's Film Accelerator is approaching. A presentation of our students' graduation projects took place in the school cinema. The selected projects will subsequently fight for co-production and financial support from Czech TV in competition with other film schools.



In the middle of the 13th century, on the bank of the Otava River, Czech kings founded the castle and town of Písek. Thanks to the mining of gold and lively business, the town grew quickly and enjoyed the favour of the monarchs of Přemysl Otakar II., Charles IV. and Wenceslas IV, who frequented the town regularly. Since the 14th century, Písek has been the centre of a large region called Prácheňský. In the first half of the 15th century, the town played an important role as defenders of the Holy Chalice. The beginning of the Thirty Years’ War spelled disaster for Písek. The town was conquered three times; the last time on the 30th of September 1620, when Imperial soldiers lay waste to the town, killing nearly all of the local population. Since the 19th century, the town has undergone significant change. The town has grown beyond the fortress walls into streets and suburbs lined with houses; the Czech language is the official language used at the town hall; cultural institutions and associations have been created and thrive; and Písek is known as the town of schools and students and the mecca of violinists. It has also become – as a town encircled by forests – a popular tourist destination. The historic centre of Písek is now a protected historic site.


The rich cultural tradition of the town has also significantly influenced local life in the present-day. International festivals of folklore dance, student films, and majorettes are all held in the city. The leading Czech theatre ensembles visit and the Písek Chamber Orchestra operates here. After extensive reconstruction, the historic malt processing building has become an important cultural figure in the town (and country). In addition to an exhibition devoted to Czech children’s illustration there is also a permanent exhibition of the work of Radek Pilař, an exhibition dedicated to animated film and touring exhibitions of personalities of Czech film.


Cinema programs, theatres and other cultural events



Lipová alej 2068 | 397 01 Písek | Česká republika