25. 9. 2022
Youth Moving poster
The official poster for our film the Nest has been chosen.
This film is the culmination of FAMO's participation in Youth Moving project which is co-funded by the EU's Erasmus+ program.
7. 9. 2022
Summer Film Program
FAMO and SVOSF welcome our friends from the Northern Virgina Community College for the 2022 Summer Film Program.
23. 5. 2022
Youth moving packs a punch!
On Mother's Day, we took a long drive to the 'Giant Mountains' (Krkonoše) in Czech's far north, to meet Marie and listen to the stories of her difficult past that ended in a loving and supportive foster care family. Maruška's wise outlook on life, for such a young woman, was inspiring. And wow, does she pack a mean punch!
25. 4. 2022
Youth moving project
Thank you Tereza for welcoming us into your home and family this weekend to share with us your past struggles, and inspire us with your strength and drive to provide your son (and pets - all 9 of them, if I counted correctly) with a loving home.
6. 4. 2022
When the lion roars is out in cinemas
Last night premiered FAMO graduate and teacher Jan E. Svatoš latest feature documentary Až zařve lev (When the Lion Roars) in Prague's Lucerna... And what a show it was!