Editor / Director

Jakub Hejna is a film editor and director. He studied at the Písek film school and then at FAMU in Prague, majoring in film editing. He is the founder of the Young Film post-production studio.

As an editor, he participated in several successful documentaries and feature films, such as Women for Currency (dir. Erika Hníková, 2004); The Search for Ester (dir. Věra Chytilová, 2005); René (dir. Helena Třeštíková, 2008); Katka (dir. Helena Třeštíková, 2009); Fair Play (dir. Andrea Sedláčková, 2014); The Pit (dir. Jiří Stejskal, 2014); Red (dir. Olga Sommerová, 2017); Dukla61 (dir. David Ondříček, 2018), etc.

His feature-length documentary debut Divadlo Svoboda (dir. Jakub Hejna, 2011) was nominated in the Best Documentary category (Czech Lion 2011 and Czech Film Critics Award 2011). Together with Helena Třeštíková, he directed the film Destruction by Beauty (2016), about the life of actress Lída Baarová, and the documentary film Forman vs Forman (2019), charting the life of director Miloš Forman, which had its world premiere at the Festival de Cannes 2019.