Sound Engineer

Ludvik Bohadlo is CEO, production sound mixer, and postproduction coordinator of leading sound production company SLEEPWALKER, s.r.o. based in Prague, Czech Republic.

He comes from a family with a deep performing arts tradition. Both parents were acrobats andhis sister is a flute player in the National Theater and State Opera of Prague. Working in the music and film industry for two decades, Ludvík Bohadlo experienced every single stage of music and sound production. From classics to heavy metal, from documentaries to international feature films. Thanks to his excellent professional as well as physical skills he’s been working on challenging projects in extreme climate conditions of remote areas all over the world including high altitudes above 6,000 m. His unique communication and organizational skills helped him to lead sound production teams of international feature films and quality TV production. His deep interest in music, humanities, and historical theology gives him a broader perspective on the art of motion pictures.

“I think I applied myself very successfully in the field of film sound since my graduation from FAMO in Písek. I worked my way up from a sound assistant to a sound master, founded the SLEEPWALKER sound studio, which provides sound services for domestic and foreign productions and is an important co-producer of European films. In 2020, my colleague Robert Slezák and I won the Latvian national award for the best film sound for the film “The Sign Painter / Pilsāta pi upis. The demanding work in the film industry still fulfills me, even though lately I’ve been working more on studio production than sound work itself. I enjoy being with film projects from the very beginning of the scripts and from the position of co-producer helping to bring new film stories to the world.

FAMO was important to me because it transformed a film fan into a creator. I have always enjoyed “consuming” stories, whether in literary or film form. Then suddenly I was able to stand on the other side of the camera and create the cinematic stories myself. Film and TV shoots have taken me to all the continents of the world and brought me many lifelong friends. Belonging to an imaginary filmmaking family that breaks down cultural and language barriers is an important life anchor for me.