Camera operator

Martin currentlz works as a cameraman postlz on the TV channels Primu Cool (Applikace) and TV Barrandov (Aféry). He also filmed several music videos, concerts, sports events, and he regularly collaborates with Harley-Davidson Prague to record a PHD (Prague Harley Days).

TV: “Applikace” – TV Prima Cool

                                          “Aféry” – TV Barrandov

                                          “Exclusive Catherine Brozova” – TV Barrandov

                                          “Iveta” – TV Five

                                          “Selection 2013” – TV Prima Family

                                          “Nobody Is Perfect” – TV Prima Family

Video clips: Arakain – Paganini

                                          Miroslav Hrabě – Dangerous

                                          Cartonnage – Patisserie

                                          Seven – Lost hero

                                          Doga – Genes

                                          Matahari – Against the Stream

                                          Volnaya Staya – Give me the fire

Music DVD: Michal David, 50 years – Recording of the concert at O2 Arena

                                          Matahari – Concert recording + Lucerna Music Bar bonuses

                                          Arakain – 25 Years of the Band – DVD Bonuses from a Concert in Eden