MgA. Patrik Ulrich (born 1988) first studied screenwriting and dramaturgy with writer Lenka Procházková at FAMO in Písek, where he found a passion for writing. In his follow-up master’s studies, he devoted himself exclusively to film directing, which he completed in the studio of Prof. Juraj Jakubiska. He is the author of several short feature films and documentaries, for
which he also composed musical illustrations.

He currently works as a director for Czech Television, where he focuses mainly on documentary and music projects. As he has been devoted to music, composition, and playing the piano since childhood, he is often approached as a director of broadcasts of symphony concerts and other stage productions. With his Studio Inspirativ team, or in the production of Czech Television, he filmed a whole series of concert recordings, streams, and music programs. He cooperates with the Czech Philharmonic, the ČNSO, and various regional orchestras (Pardubice Chamber Philharmonic, Karlovy Vary Symphony Orchestra).

Even though he lives in Prague, he often returns to his native Pardubice, where he has already shot several prized documentary films. In his spare time, he plays the piano and composes chanson songs and film music. During his studies, he pointed out the theme of the dysfunctionality of the family, which he worked on in two successful films (Moji draží, Soukromé lekce), which were awarded at several domestic and foreign festivals. He also worked on the theme of the dysfunctionality of the family in his yet-to-be-realized feature-length screenplay “Family Silver”. He made an academic portrait of his mentor Juraj Jakubiska, “Three Graces”, and is also the author of the script for the short animated fairy tale “O Zlatém dešti”, voiced by actor Pavel Liška. He created more than two dozen documentary films and portraits on Czech television as a screenwriter and director.

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