Vilém Postránecký completed a five-year study of production at FAMO in Písek in 2011, with the title MgA. As part of school projects, he achieved the greatest success thanks to the graduation film “Battle” (3rd year), with which he won two awards at the Night of Film Hopes 2010 competition – the most successful film among the audience and 3rd place in the jury’s evaluation. Furthermore, his films “Citizen of Kopas” (2010) and Master’s film “Village of the Year” (2011) were two years in a row nominated for the Magnesia Award for the best student film in the annual Czech Lion Awards. “Village of the Year” was also the first student film in the Czech Republic to have an official internet premiere on, where the film received over 400,000 views within two days. At the very beginning of his studies, he created a creative team with classmates who still form a significant part of his “family”, headed by Vojtěch Moravec, David Hahn, Tomáš Klímek, Jan Drnk, Viktor Prášil, and others.

During his studies, his professional practice began mainly on Czech television projects, such as the series “Black Ambulance” (director of the filming of the documentary part) and “Cesty domú” (location/production assistant). After school, he continued television work as a production assistant for the TV series “Vyprávej”. As part of a full-length feature work, he worked as a filming supervisor on the film “The Storyteller”, directed by Vladimír Michálek. For the time being, he ended his series journey as the head of production of the series “Všechny moje lásky”.

Since then he and his former classmate at FAMO, Ctibor Poub, formed a production company called AdWood Advertising, which creates advertisements for clients such as Vodafone, T-Mobile, Innogy, Moneta, etc. In 2015, he worked on two big German projects, the historical films “Berlin 1” and “Die Daslerss – Adidas vs. Puma”, where he gained great experience in the field of foreign films as a filming manager. In the meantime, from school until today, he collaborated on dozens of other projects, from music video clips, through the production of three years of the Český Tučňák young arts festival, and on internet series, like “Vyšehrad” etc.