Graphic Designer

After graduating from the Eliška Krásnohorská Gymnasium in Prague, Vratislav Pecka passed his final exam at the Editing department at the SVOŠF in Písek. During his studies, however, his interest turned more towards graphic design. In 2009, he created the current SVOŠF logo. He
was the author of the complete visual style of the Film Festival in Písek (2009-2011). After a short study at the animation department at FAMO, he started working full-time as a graphic designer.

After more than ten years of typical work as a freelance graphic designer, he decided to devote himself fully to his artistic creation. He regularly posts his work on his Instagram account @posterlad – to his 400k+ followers and sells them on his e-shop ( ). During the five years of working on the PosterLad project, he had the opportunity to cooperate with several brands – e.g. Pringles, Hewlett Packard, Adobe, H&M, or Julius Meinl. He has also been awarded two international design awards for his work. His works have been exhibited at several festivals and exhibitions in Europe, the USA, Ecuador, and China.

Vratislav uses his knowledge of editing composition and the basics of animation when creating digital art, so-called NFTs, which he publishes on the world’s most prestigious platform, SuperRare. “I remember my studies in Písek really fondly. Not only did I leave my home in Prague for the first time and try life in another city, but above all I met great people in Písek, with whom I work and see to this day. I liked the whole study that we were pushed into the practical use of the acquired knowledge. I tried all possible editing disciplines and after my graduation, I was ready to work in both television, film, and advertising. Although I eventually chose a career as a designer, no one can take away from the knowledge and experience I gained from Písek.”