Masterclass ‘The Future Document of Fiction and Non-fiction’ with Tin Dirdamal.

Documentary filmmaker Tin Dirdamal visits us in Pisek for an intimate masterclass on ‘The Future Document of Fiction and Non-fiction’.

Tin’s a self-described engineer turned ‘accidental film-maker and editor’, whose first feature film piece won the Audience Award at the Sundance Film Festival. Tin was born in Mexico and he and his family move location every 2-3 years to a new place where they know no-one and don’t understand the language.

Here are some photos of Tin discussing how he used the dimensions in his house plan as the mathematical measure used in his editing process, so the viewer could, essentially, re-draw his plans if they understood the system and conversion of measurements – one of the secret keys he likes to hide in his work.

“The Future Document of Fiction and Nonfiction’ is a filmmaking workshop that seeks to find new narratives far from the film world. Where film and non film come together. Far away from formulas, scripts, conventions and film crews.”
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