On Mother’s Day, we took a long drive to the ‘Giant Mountains’ (Krkonoše) in Czech’s far north, to meet Marie and listen to the stories of her difficult past that ended in a loving and supportive foster care family. Maruška’s wise outlook on life, for such a young woman, was inspiring. And wow, does she pack a mean punch!

Tereza’s story will form part of a documentary which aims to give voice to those who have grown up separated from their biological parents in alternative child-care.

FAMO in Pisek is working on this Youth Moving project, which is co-funded by the European Union’s Erasmus+ program, in cooperation with an international team which includes:

Centar Sirius – Croatia

http://centar-sirius.hr – coordinator

APDES – Portugal


DGASPC Harghita – Romania


Co&So – Italy


Forum za kvalitetno udomiteljstvo djece – Croatia