The positive feedback from students currently studying in our international program and their confidence in our school, its methods and teachers is always a pleasure to listen to... Check out Czech Television's series Pruvan, and their episode about studying film abroad with us at FAMO in the magical town of Pisek! For all those English speakers, please forward to 1:56. Click here to see it now!

Pisek's film school's fought it out and measured their strength against one another in the 1st annual FILMOVKAfest 2018 held in November. See the winners below.

 And the prize goes to:

Festival's Main Prize of 50,000CZK, donated by the town of Pisek
Film: Why so Sirius
Director: Karel Šindelář

Award for the Best Screenplay
Film: Why so Sirius
Screenwriter: Karel Šindelář

Award for the Best Director
Film: Úhorná
Director: Matej Šmelko

Award for the Best Cinematography – supported by BIOFILMS RENTAL, in the amount of 20,000CZK for future equipment rentals.
Film: The Summer of Mischief
Cameraman: Patrik Rams

Award for Best Sound 
Film: The Summer of Mischief
Sound Technician: Jakub Zbíral

Award for the Best Edit
Film: Why so Sirius
Editer: Karel Šindelář

Award for the Most Artistic Concept
Film: Úhorná
Director: Matej Šmelko

International Film Studies pedagogue Viliam Vala has taken out the Ultimate Award and the award for the Most Artistic Work for his animated short film 'I'm Leaving' at the NeFeNeFi festival 2018, organised by multiple Czech Lion winner and FAMO cinematography teacher F.A.Brabec. Congratulations! Other award winners included FAMO students Vojtech Papp and Jan Takac for their respective animation work.

FAMO's Open Days will take place as part of the new FILMOVKAfest Pisek, on:

8. 11. 2018 8:30 - 12 o'clock

9. 11. 2018 10 - 16 o'clock: 
Between 10 - 11 o'clock there will be a workshop with Czech Sound Expert Karel Jaroš.

The Expert Jury Prize for Student Films at the Slavonice fest 2018 Festival was awarded to the Summer of Mischief by FAMO graduate and director Michaela Poláková.

FAMO students shine in Karlovy Vary... The crew of the film "The Fridge", directed by Barbora Kočičková, won first place in the prestigious Nespresso Talents 2018 competition, announced on July 3 at the 53rd Karlovy Vary International Film Festival. Congratulations!

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